OMG this makes my head hurt

Out here in the earthly paradise that is the western developed world, is the solution to living really that complex? Or do our woes more and more resemble the collection of first world problems found here at whitewhine.


It’s pretty easy to see how someone can do a handstand – not so easy to do it yourself.

It’s pretty easy for someone to quote Aristotle’s golden mean at you – but it’s not quite so easy to find that nice middle ground and stay in it.

But if the theory is simple while the practice is difficult, do we need to spend so much time talking and writing and thinking about the theory. Do we need to make the theory more complex than it actually is? Shouldn’t we all (and I do include myself) just shut up and do it?

But then, what about the other stuff that is actually very difficult in theory? Does it even exist in a way that is relevant to living? Or are those things just a nice distraction from doing it?

Do you just do it? Or do you just like talking about doing it?

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