Cry Koala cry

When I first watched Ugly Americans, my brain exploded, leaked out of my open mouth onto the floor and ran out the front door somewhere as far away from the TV as possible.

Now one and a half seasons in, I’m not so into it. The main characters haven’t changed or grown. They are still the same. And not enough time has been spent on the freakoids in the group. Or at least change the members of the group already.

Personally, I couldn’t care less if they all got eaten up by a random monster.

Except for Doug the Koala Man that is.

Maybe it’s because I’m Australian. Maybe it’s because I can’t express my deep inner sadness except through the safe reflections of a cute cartoon character. But whatever it is, I love Doug, his vulnerability and his ability to express it.

Here’s to Doug, the best koala ever.

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