Kungfu Fighting

Things sure have changed since the Tibetan  Airbender temples and inhabitants were destroyed by the evil and rampaging Chinese Firebender empire. The child  Dalai Lama monk Aang has been reincarnated into the bodacious ass-kicking form of Korra and everyone who is anyone has moved into a steam-punkish mash-up of Hong Kong and New York.

Am I the only one who misses the good old days?

By this, I am talking about Prince Zuko, Princess Azula and their uncle, disgraced General Iroh. Back then, the antagonists had story arcs that were as interesting if not more than the protagonists. Now, we have a cutout two-dimensional villain whose back story is poorly crammed into the final episode.

The potential for a sympathetic antagonist was there from the start. Normal people have every right to be resentful of Benders and their seeming monopoly of government. The fact that the city council is composed entirely of Bender representatives hints at a non-democratic system. More could have been done to make the Equalists a group of democracy seeking reformists.

But what did the writers do?

Four episodes of Gladiators and then a war that resembles a toy ad.

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