Why True Blood why?

Given the never ending waves of undead storming our screens, I am feeling more and more like I am on the Night’s Watch standing on the Wall wondering where the fuck they all come from.

Surely the last fan has had their brains scooped out and sent to the hell of soap extravagansa Revenge by now.

But no, true to form the latest season of True Blood has just lurched out of the grave again and like any rotting corpse much of it stinks, some parts are remarkably well preserved and the whole thing still somehow exerts a sickening fascination.

Take Reverend Newland and the werewolf funeral for example. Surprisingly funny and surprisingly gross respectively. How is it possible that the writers can still stand their material enough to produce something new?

I dont know but winter has come and I have nothing else to do but keep watching and hope there are more good bits.

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