Zombies versus Terminators FTW

Ever since that dude ate the face off the other dude in broad daylight on the street, I’ve been taking zombies more seriously. So, I watched the first episode of “The Walking Dead” just in case it had any new tips on preparing for a zombie attack.

It didn’t. Plus it took itself so seriously. You know: people crying and carrying on as if it was the end of the world instead of running around having the time of their life blasting, chainsawing, fire-bombing, etc every zombie they see into giblets.

So I thought that given the TV show is a comic adaptation, they should go down the mighty monster mashup road of Aliens versus Predator which first came to life as a Dark Horse miniseries and introduce Terminators!


Because Terminators are programmed to only do the fun stuff (and deliver great one-liners). Plus you don’t need to actually hire actors who can act – just big dudes. Also, you could have a scene where zombies bite through the flesh casing and break their teeth on the metal endo-skeleton.

I know, right?

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