OMG! Chairman = God!

I didn’t want to but Phillip K Dick dropped by last night and made me watch “The Adjustment Bureau” .

Turns out, he’s a fan of Matt Damon or so he claims. Personally, I think that he just likes being famous and thinking about the money he would have made from the film options if he was still alive.

Not that I said that to his face, I have too much respect for the guy.

“But it’s got all those stupid doors in it, an entire romantic comedy sub-plot (without the comedy) and they changed the Old Man to the Chairman,” I complained instead.

“Don’t sweat the small stuff. That’s just window dressing. The core is good.” PKD said.

“Plus, you know, G. O. D. making sure the world goes according to plan: the biggest cliche you can have!”

“Well, that bit was actually mine.”

“Yeah, sorry. Maybe it was pretty new when you wrote it in 1954. But it kinda sucks now and probably did back then. I got to say it: not one of your best.”

That’s when PKD started going on and on about God and Jesus.

I had to kick him out. It was boring.

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