I heart Magneto

Srsly if I was a mutant I would so join the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants although I’d want a name change to something less sexist and subtler like the Society for the Replacement Advancement of Humanity. I mean really you’d think Magneto commissioned some two bit comicbook writers to come up with his organisation’s name.

BTW I am talking about the Fassbender Magneto not the Gandalf Magneto although he was kinda cool too but Fassbender is way hotter.

Also, was Xavier a douche-bag or what? So there’s like a thousand missiles coming at them from the imperialistic military industrial complexes of the real villains and what does he do – he stops Magneto from blasting them all to kingdom come.

It’s pretty obvious that Professor X is the real villain.

Anyway, it was one of the better X-men movies, even if Wolverine wasn’t in it (except for the cameo which doesn’t count).

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