Sweat trickled down David’s brow. A drop splattered on the form he was attempting to read creating an almost perfect circle on the form. The writing was neat, like it had been printed. Much like its writer sitting before him in a freshly ironed shirt, all sharp edges and clean lines. Not a sign that some idiot had set the thermostat too high earlier that week and every office on the floor was now a sauna.

He cleared his throat and peered at the applicant. His blasted sweat had obscured the name past the first letter “K” and not only could he not remember it, he could not even tell the gender of the person sitting before him. Only the last name was fully legible: Grubach.

“It all looks in order,” David said. In fact, K Grubach was slightly overqualified for the position. If the references checked out, there was no reason for him to not offer the position.

K Grubach smiled politely in response.

David found himself nodding. A waste of time to bother with references.

“Just a formality. Pointless really.” he said. The keys to employee apartment 411 were suddenly in his hand. He passed them over and watched as K Grubach signed the acceptance forms. The signature merely read Grubach. He sighed in resignation and extended his hand.

“Welcome to Axe Tower Corporation.”

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