Hulk Smash!

If I was the Hulk, I’ll:

a) Stay put, take anger management courses and pretend to be normal until I get angry and smash all  my family and friends.

b) Hide my identity and run away from my loved ones to protect them, going from town to town looking for a cure but actually just smashing random people from all over the country (and maybe the world).

c) Join the army and be listed as a WMD. At least that way, I’ll be smashing for my country! That is until I smash my commanding officer, my unit and, the army base.

d) Just smash people I don’t like along with their homes, innocent bystanders and the whole town. Why by shy? There’s plenty of smash to go around.

e) Live in the middle of nowhere as a hermit. If I have to smash, it’ll just be the wildlife, trees, hills, rivers, mountains. Desertification and mass species extinction is preferable to smashing people.

f) Not want to be the Hulk. It sucks being the Hulk and this is a stupid quiz anyway.