Look, monsters! Monsters look.

Whatever happened to movie monsters?

There was a time when pod people wandered the streets pointing out the filthy capitalists humans amongst them and emitting some sort of sonic scream. When women became 50 foot feminists giants and stomped up and down main street. When huge black africans apes stole blonde women and bestrode skyscrapers.

These days, the only monsters left are some vampires (if they even count any more), serial-killers and way too many zombies. Of all of these, zombies are the most promising, if depressingly boring and single dimensioned on the screen: a disease, often human created, turns people into unreasonable, untiring, ever hungry, cannibalistic creatures.

If that’s not the definition of a model consumer, I don’t know what is.

But is that it?

Have our collective nightmares been reduced to just a bunch of peeved shoppers?

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