An x-buddhist po(l)em(ic)

This is my response to a post in my current favourite buddhist site: speculative non-buddhism.

An x-buddhist po(l)em(ic)

Are big thoughts good? are big words good?
If you use big words, does this mean big thoughts?
If you have big thoughts, do you need big words?
Instead of no-self, what about no-words? Or itty-bitty ones anyway.

Actually, not sure what is good.
Like post-inter-subjectivity or permeable-pelatability
I don’t know what they means. But they sounds cool.
Ok, i made them up. That’s ok isnt it?
Isnt everything made up?

Insert fancy po-mo lit-crit word here
about made-upness, inter-connectedness and Marx.
You know you want to.

And if you don’t agree: Foucault!

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