Easter Confest 2011

I’ve been going to Confest pretty steadily for the last 7 or 8 years and it’s always been an up and down event for me with its fair share of emotional turbulence and struggle. It’s tempting to retrospectively say that they were also periods of growth but I’m not sure how true that would be.

The last two Easter Confests have been different however and I’m hoping that they’ve set the pattern for the future. On the mundane but essential comfort level, I feel like camping is pretty sorted. The combination of having a van with a built-in bed, early arrivals who pick a good site, great cooking and food-storage gear plus assorted carpets, fabrics, tarps and chairs has taken lush camping to new heights.

Socially now that I’m in a committed relationship and not traipsing around, Confest has been great for making new friends and deepening connections with existing acquiantances. All of this is through my existing network – I hardly spend enough time in the festival area to have meaningful conversations with completely unconnected people. That helps significantly as a filter. I remember reading somewhere that for a large percentage of people, university is a time of social expansion with new connections falling off swiftly after that. I’m not sure how true that is but I’m glad that it isnt the case for me at all.

I meet lots of new people most festivals and of those, there’s always a couple of great ones I want to keep each time. There’s something about having days and nights up one’s sleeve to socialise and get to know people better that parties in town can never rival.

Anyway, I had a great Easter Confest – one of the best – and I’m reminded again why I keep going back.

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