My dream tablet is not the iPad2

Like everyone else, I’ve been caught up in the hype for the iPad 2. It’s so slim and shiny! Plus its cover is the coolest cover. But I won’t be getting one because ultimately, even though the lower models are very cheap, the iPad 2 is still going to be a waste of money. I’m not sure whether one exists but my dream tablet will do the following:

  • support Flash
  • have USB ports so that amongst other things I can connect and read external USB hard-drives
  • have a HDMI connector
  • have an internal SSD with at least 250 GB of storage
  • be able to run MS Office either directly or through a virtual OS
  • have a desktop mode it is plugged into a keyboard and monitor so I dont have to have a separate pc/laptop
  • be able to run media monkey, winamp and VLC (and play .ogg files)
  • do the usual wi-fi, 3G (preferably 4G) thing
  • support a blue-tooth handset or headset that I can make and receive calls on when within range of my tablet (so I dont have to carry a separate phone with a separate SIM card)
  • have front and back cameras
  • have good battery life (8 hours min) and a grunty enough processor to do the above
  • have a cover like the iPad 2
  • be as light and slim as the iPad 2
  • cost not more than $AUD 3500

I don’t believe I’m asking too much am I?

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