This whole Libya thing

I’ve been engrossed with the political upheaval that’s hit what appears to be the entire middle-east over the last few months. Like many, I’ve been astounded by the bravery of the protesters and appalled by the reactions of most of the governments. Libya, over the last few weeks, has set an extreme example for both sides.

As much as I support the goals of the protesters in Libya however, I just can’t support any western-led intervention effort in that country. The UN security council resolution had looked good initially. It had happened at the behest of the Libyan protesters and the Arab league. But now, it just looks like yet another western intervention force within the middle-east. There seems to be hardly any military commitment from the Arab League much less leadership. Instead, there’s rumblings of discontent from that sector.

I firmly believe that the Libyan crisis is a regional crisis and should be dealt with and handled by those parties most affected by it. This includes the northern african neighbours, the Arab League and probably the EU (although that is split between a couple of hawks and the rest). The US has no place in this effort and instead should follow the example of the Russians and the Chinese. In fact, there’s a lot that the US can learn from China – buy the petrol, look for energy alternatives and stay out of local politics.

It’s not like the US has ever done any good in its meddling anyway.

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