Men’s Circle

I kicked off a men’s group late last year and so far it seems to be going reasonably well. We meet once every fortnight and there’re 11 members with an average of 5 men per session although that’s looking like growing as so far a member bring a new person each time. We haven’t quite got a good home for it yet – the current one is in an upstairs room in a bar which is not ideal – while private enough it can get noisy and being a bar, there’s the usual interruptions of getting drinks etc. Still, the group seems to be forming well with some real potential.

I’m not sure what the potential is though, where the group could go or where I would like it to go. The last group I was in had been going for some time when I joined and it seemed stagnant to me. Whatever it was that I was looking for when I joined up, I didnt find it and so I left after a little while. The facilitator was also flawed and very blind to it. I’m wary about that for myself and have tried to get the group to be self-facilitating.

I guess it’s not that important yet to have direction. I know that I want the group to be emotionally honest and present. I know that I’d like the group to be safe enough that members can be vulnerable within it and to bring things up that are close to them. These things in themselves will take some time so I guess that’s good enough a direction for now.

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