Infinity Blade

I’ve resisted playing games on my PC for years. Sure there’s been some stints with Angband but there’s only so much fun to be had from an all-text RPG. Also, games have always seemed so expensive. All that changed with the iPhone. Paying between $1 to $5 for a game is nothing especially given the instant gratification convenience of it – no going to a shop, no mucking about with online payments.

So now I’ve been obsessively playing Infinity Blade on the iPhone. I actually completed the game in a couple of weeks: killed the godking a few times, got through the 3 deathless kings plus the final bosses. I’m now playing in the game+ mode. In theory, I should be getting bored. And it’s true, I’m not playing for as long each time. After all, now that I’ve hit on a winning strategy (amp up health and magic – get the infinity blade, get the ring of ice and fire for quick heals), there’s not that much to discover.

Except there’s that final cool outfit still to get and it’s either pay big bucks to the in-app shop or slaughter hundreds of monsters. And watching my warrior avatar beat up on a lot of over-muscled fetish types is still really satisfying.

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