Ratings and likings

I’ve only just discovered that wordpress has a starratings and like function for blogs. So I’ve activated it.

Otherwise, things have been much the same since I last wrote. Christmas was in NZ followed by a hectic but enjoyable Confest over the new year. And Rainbow Serpent was a lot of fun. It’s a bit of a haze now and I’m left feeling like it was all a bit pointless and shallow but A tells me that I got very relaxed and happy so I guess in terms of medium to long term health benefits, there’s been some benefit.

The next big event coming up is Dancing Ground this weekend and I’m kinda looking forward to it as I gave Maitreya a miss. It’s a yoga and dance workshop/event going over a couple of nights and will likely be attended by the same hippy alternative crew that goes to Confest or Rainbow. I don’t anticipate anything particularly new there – just a deepening of the same theme I’ve been living the last 10 years but that’s good in many ways even if I do miss the excitement of discovery I used to get all the time during the early days.

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