What with winter and all in Melbourne and finally joining the Fitzroy gym, I’ve started treadmill running in between strength work sessions. I’ve had stints of running in the past. There was a time when I was running around Princess Park during lunch hour but that didnt last after I left my job at Melbourne uni. I always preferred track running and the Princess Park track was car-free, soft on the feet and required no navigation.

Given how I like those things, it’s a bit strange that it has taken me so long to discover treadmill running. But now that I’m doing it, it seems obvious that a completely temperature controlled environment with readouts showing everything from speed to pulse is the thing for me. Plus I get to stop whenever I want and not have to walk home.

Not that I’ve been doing that – I’ve been steadily increasing my pace and running time. I run 6 km currently and do this at a pace of between 11.5 to 12.5 km per hour with zero incline. I even wear quick drying running gear so that I can rinse them out at the end of each session and still know that I can wear them the next day. Plus I’ve got a good pair of earplugs that dont fall out and have iphone/ipod controls.

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