Joining the Greens

The Greens have been advertising quite heavily around in the inner suburbs of Melbourne. Three new billboards came up in the last couple of weeks on the northern end of Smith Street as the road joins Queens Parade. It shows nice people saying that this time they’ll vote Green. It didnt take long for someone to paste “I support Climate Fraud” on one of the posters. It wasnt written on, it was printed on A3 and stuck on.

That got me thinking about the level of anger and resentment that seems to underlie much of politics here in Australia (and probably the world). Mark Latham probably epitomizes that rage in his sheer ability to spew bile even now but it doesnt take long for politicians, media commentators, talkback radio, bloggers and  just about anyone to get worked up about this or that – refugees, gay marriage, super-tax, the environment, etc.

I’m not immune to it either especially in areas that are particularly important to me.  The poster reminded me that I was going to vote Green again (being located as I am in a safe-as-houses Labor seat) and I felt a real surge of annoyance at this. Because, even though I’ve voted Greens as far as I can remember, I really dont like their left-wing bias. Some years ago, I thought about joining them, downloaded their charter and economic policy and couldnt go any further. I complained about it to my friends and joked about forming a right-faction in the Greens.

In the process of writing this entry, I had a look at their new charter and policies. To my surprise, I found that the Greens have shifted quite a bit to the centre since I last looked at them and that their economic policy no longer reads like it was written by a bunch of stoned dole-bludging hippies.

Or maybe, I’ve shifted to the left.

Anyway, I may actually join the Greens. At the least, I wont be feeling quite so trapped when I tick their boxes on election day. Here’s hoping that they achieve balance-of-power and this corrupts them further to the economic-liberal-right.

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