2 years gone

I made the mistake of looking through the last two years worth of entries in my blog just then. Geek reviews of TV and online games, some notes about Darwin, a couple of short entries on my job, some un-enthusiastic travel and that’s it. Nothing of importance, little of note. It’s easy to get an impression of a small life working, watching TV and little else.

Which, with the exception of a couple of things, it pretty much has been.

In retrospect, the year up in Darwin, great as it has been for my career and bank balance, has not been very good for me in other ways especially after that long stint of being away previously. Especially, my ability to connect socially seem to have eroded away. Being in a great relationship the last two years has contributed to this – or rather has given me the excuse to make even less effort. Like many men my age, I’ve been able to rely on my partner’s efforts. This is something I want to change. I need to get more proactive.

The other thing that has occurred in the last two years especially from those evenings in Darwin is that I’ve started spending too much time on on-line games. The iPhone hasnt helped with this. These apps are great as time-wasters and attention dividers but provide little else. They’ve certainly weakened my attention span and reduced my intellectual life. The only benefit I’ve got from this is a lot more understanding and compassion for gamers. Anyway, this is another area for improvement. Resuming this blog (and other writing) is a small step I’m taking.

2 thoughts on “2 years gone

    1. there’s a lot to be said about being able to see physical results from one’s efforts. A pile of electronic documents just doesnt give the same feeling of satisfaction.

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