Finishing up, starting again

After 18 months, my job in Darwin is coming to a close in three weeks. The last six months has involved less travel up there which has been great for my personal life but, as the project progressed, not so good for my work. There’s a lot to be said for co-location. Teleconferencing and emails can only get so far. To be honest, I’m also a little burnt out and over the project and it’ll be good to move on to the next job which this time will be located entirely in Melbourne.

The Darwin job has been great for my CV and is taking me where I wanted to go when I took it. I got agent callbacks from the first two jobs I applied for a couple of days ago. However, I’m now a lot more ambivalent about my career trajectory. Do I want to stay in this role or even this field? I’m good at it and it”s lucrative and will pay for those other things I want: house, family, holidays and a level of financial security further down the track.

Maybe having actual physical workmates will make things better next time.

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