Away and back

My last few trips away in the last three years have been such that I thought I’d never get the travel bug again. I came back from South Asia pretty much burnt out, my year of working in Darwin only served to make me miss Melbourne more and I would not have spent a month in Ghana and Burkina Faso if Annie was not there. There were a couple of minor trips in there too – one to Malaysia and another to New Zealand but they were both predominantly family based affairs – the first was mine, the second Annie’s. At the end of those trips, I’d returned feeling like I could quite easily never move from Melbourne (or at least Australia) for the rest of my life.

Of course, those trips had always been about something else. In hindsight, none of them have come about for the sole sake of travel. Work, family or relationships were the prime drivers. So perhaps it’s not so surprising that I came back from three weeks in Malaysia feeling like it was too short and that I could easily have spent another three months around South East Asia.

I did visit my relatives in KL and it was great to have Annie meet them but the main reason for the trip was to have a holiday. And it was wonderful. A week in Sabah, a week on Tioman and a few days here and there in KL and Melaka. I’d not been to Sabah or Tioman before and KL seemed new when viewed through Annie’s eyes. Melaka, since I was there last, had been declared an UNESCO world heritage town and it had been rejuvenated. Most of the crumbling old buildings had been restored and both banks of the river now had a walk that went a long way up into the city, opening up further areas for exploration in a car-free fashion.

Three months is quite a different creature from three weeks – there’ll be lows and times of boredom in that – but for the first time in years, I’m thinking that the lows could be worth it. But only if I’m traveling with Annie.

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