job hunting

I’ve been looking for work for about a month now and I think I’ve got a three to four month gig coming up finishing at the end of May, possibly earlier. It’s up in Darwin again but this time with a lot more remote work as I’ll be doing a lot of reviewing.

I cant remember the last time I’ve had to spend quite so much time looking for a job. This has been partly because I’m trying for a slight change in career and also because I’ve got a bit rusty. The first two or three weeks was spent honing my resume and cover letter approach. And it took that time to get a feel of what I will get and what I wont.

So, in the last week or so, I’ve finally managed to score an interview and had my resume forwarded on to a couple of potentials by the agents. And I’ve even turned down what the agent assured me was a definite mainly because it was a fair way out.  Before I got the call about this gig, I was starting to get pretty confident about getting hired eventually. The whole job hunting process was feeling ok.

The thing I was having most trouble with was the time in between. The day time hours can be pretty long. I’ve usually applied for whatever I want to go for by lunchtime and then there’s the whole afternoon stretching ahead. When busy, I dream about having all that spare time but now that I have it, my enthusiasm for various projects seem to have just vanished. I make it down to the pool for a swim and that’s about it. I seem to be just frittering away all this time away.

Anyway, I’m kicking off this blog again and I may start another one that showcases the fiction I’ve written recently – some of which is incomplete. Figures that I’m going to get active just when an offer lands on my desk.

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