My Heroes Ability

After being hooked on the Facebook game Warbook for a little while and writing a stupidly popular entry on it in this blog, I jumped across to the D&D based Tiny Adventures – an almost no-brainer piece of fluff which didnt really last very long.

Now, I’ve discovered My Heroes Ability, a super-powers based Facebook game. It’s really not worth writing about either even if it does have more parameters to manipulate and the fighting is in real time thus adding marginally more strategic interest.

However, one thing that does stand out about this game is the type of non-player-characters your hero has to beatup to get hero points. At the earlier levels, your hero-powers are devoted entirely to beating up vagrants and junkies. The streets of New York are full of hoodlums called Pete the vagrant and Mick the junkie (with appropriate photos)

And the way the game is structured, the fastest and easiest (if most boring) way to gain hero levels is to keep beating up on those who are far weaker than yourself leaving the nastier foes alone.

A good and worthy lesson for real-life heroics and one I’m sure all the FB kids out there are learning.

In the meantime, it’ll be cool if the list of foes grew to include racists, rapists, child-molesters and creationists.  Not entirely sure why they arent there when lawyers, businessmen and tourists are.

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