Nyan nyan!

I found the site http://asianposes.com today. As far as a site goes, it does its job well – lots of pictures of cute asian girls doing cute poses all roughly categorised into the different poses. Mudras for the modern asian girl.

Looking through the site made me realise just how out of the loop I am as far as modern Asian culture is concerned. I just have no idea what is going on there and why. Ok, so the poses are cute but at the same time, from my point of view – they are also a bit icky and kinda implies the reverse of feminism.

I dunno but taking on child-like expressions just doesnt yell out empowerment to me. And no, I wont accept that from the Asian culture perspective the Nyan Nyan pose denotes a person with authority, power and respect and is in fact a domination posture adopted only by the strongest. Nuh uh, no deal.

Now I’m not saying that western girls are much more empowered but even though the whole Tank Girl / Riot Grrl look has an undeniable cuteness factor to it, you cant get pass the fact that when done properly, the mandatory accessory for the Tank Girl look is a baseball bat with a nail hammered through the business end. Now that as far as I am concerned, is kickass from anybody’s point of view.

Anyway, in spite of my misgivings of the message behind it, I like the poses not so much to look at (although they are undeniably easy on the eyes) but to perform. It’s fun to do the Nyan Nyan! It’s fun to do the V and the Punch! It adds interest to the whole meh process of having your photo taken. It makes people laugh when done well. It lightens the spirits.

So maybe that’s why the cute asian girls do it. It’s not for the male gaze. Because they arent constrained by societal expectations to be serious all the time, they get the pleasure of fooling around and doing the Nyan Nyan. I’d like to think I’ll do the Nyan Nyan too next time someone asks me to pose for a photo.

But I doubt it.

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