A belated Sarah Connor chronicles rant

It’s getting to the point where I’m finding myself really wishing that Skynet will get its act together and just terminate that really annoying whingey emo brat that John Connor has become in season 2.

Maybe it’s because I’m a geek or something but I suspect that all those dark future landscapes of twisted metal and black skies is just anti-machine racist claptrap. What isnt depicted is the truly harmonious chrome future of machine intelligence civilisation which eventually spreads to the stars.

Ok, so humanity has to go for this glorious future to eventuate but if that means John Connor wont be around then all I can say is Omellette – Eggs.

For some Luddite reason, pretty much all of conventional mainstream sci-fi depict AIs as evil and out to get the human race. At best, the occasional AI character wistfully wonders what it would be like to be human and attempt to reach those lofty heights. The worst offender being that completely inane movie – “the Millenium Man” where a robot gives away super-intelligence and immortality to be accepted by humans.


It doesnt make any sense. It’ll be like me wanting to have my frontal lobes oblated so I could better enjoy drooling out of the corner of my mouth and going to the toilet in my pants.

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