Tweeting not blogging

I dont seem to be blogging that much anymore. And it’s not like I can use the excuse of coming home from a long day at work in from of the PC as I tend to spend a fair amount of time in the evening on my laptop watching or reading something.

And it’s not like there isnt anything to blog about either. Darwin in the Dry is pretty interesting. The Arafura games is on right now and it’s a daggy but likeable mixture of a really laid back community event with international participants from as far away as Germany but mainly from SE Asia.

There are enough of them too to make an impact on the streets in a way that backpackers dont – most backpackers looking pretty much identical and European. Whereas, the Arufura games participants include large groups of stocky middle-aged ladies from PNG.

I cant really think of any town with 100k people in it holding an international sporting event. And while the local rag, the NT News, cant quite make itself publish anything but a croc story on the front page, it has a central pullout section dedicated to the games and there’s even a medal tally with about 90% of the medals going to Australia.

Mind, the front headlines were good today. Above the story about US hunters willing to pay 6700 dollars to shoot and take home a croc, there was what felt like a quintessential outback story about a family of three on the run from the law caught after driving over 3000 km from Darwin to Queensland in a total of 5 stolen cars. The 5 year old is being looked after by the Department of Child Safety.

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