Star Trek and geekness

I’m going to have to face up to just how big a SFF geek i am. I havent watched a genre movie yet this year that I havent enjoyed and I cant quite let myself believe that Hollywood has had a perfect strike-rate in this department. I’ve even been watching Reaper and really getting into its Buffy-lite goodness. There’s just something really comforting about watching a TV series that isnt going to abruptly push into emotionally challenging territory but which nonetheless contains just enough plot-twists to keep one interested.

And that is pretty much what the new Star Trek re-boot is all about. Underneath the great new look and the shiny young faces, lies a huge lake of comfortable un-challenging nostalgia. The fantastic casting and the quality of acting and direction has made every single crew-member so familiar and so right you know you arent going to get any surprises. But their youth, energy and exuberence makes the experience all new again.
It makes me feel almost as young as the new bright-eyed Chekov. And amazingly enough, it almost evokes the unquantifiable SFF sense of wonder that I felt when I first saw Star Trek all those years ago.

It’s hard to imagine what the film would be like for someone who hasnt watched any of the old stuff: Star Trek TOS, TNG, DS9, Voyager, Enterprise or the 10 movies. Would it be as good? I suspect so. Would it kindle that SFF sense of wonder? I suspect not.

One thought on “Star Trek and geekness

  1. hehe. i’m not a big SFF fan and i’ve never seen any star trek. but i really enjoyed the movie. and i think it did capture my sense of wonder in parts with the idea of the possibilities. not hugely, but in moments as i was watching stars explode etc… and definitely enjoyed the casting though. simone pegg was fantastic in his short role.

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