that Wolverine movie

Y’know, it wasnt that bad. In fact, it was actually pretty awesome considering how low my expectations were when i stepped into the cinema. I think it helps that I’m not an X-men fanboy and so have really no idea how different the movie version is from the comic-book.

<spoiler warning>

I admit however to being a little surprised at the level of bromance between Logan and Victor (Wolverine and Sabretooth).  A few of the negative reviews i read was going on about the abrupt shift in Victor’s feelings for Logan in the film.  It didnt seem to take a lot to move Victor from being Logan’s best buddy to his most deadly enemy.

And it really didnt make sense that Logan, once he gets his adamantium claws that are sharp enough to cut through armoured vehicles, never does anything more than stab Victor a couple of times when he’s supposed to be avenging his dead girlfriend.

Now why the heck would Logan be stopping himself from slicing and dicing Victor?

No reason unless there was a lot more going on between chubby cheeked Victor and leather wearing Logan than the film was letting on. Once that penny dropped, the whole film fell into place.

How else could one explain Hugh Jackman being semi-naked or entirely naked pretty much throughout the whole movie, Logan’s huge amount of facial hair but relative lack of body hair, the dearth of female characters, the zero amount of chemistry between Logan and his girlfriend.

And then, there’s Victor’s hissy fit towards the end when he thought he’d lost Logan forever. The amount of jealousy Victor displayed towards Logan’s girlfriend was only appropriate.

The final battle brings even more bonding moments even if Logan is still in denial.

“We’re done,” the still closeted Logan tells Victor at the end once again.

But this time Victor knows better. His smirk says it all.

I’m hoping there’s a sequel.

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