Possibly my third car

I’ve only owned two cars.

My first car was a nissan pulsar which i had for three years or so from 1996-1999. I only bought it because I needed a car to drive to work. I hated that job. It was my first one. I didnt mind the car much – it served me well. And for a short period, I drove it around Victoria to the surf and to the hills. One of my ex-partners inherited the car and kept it for another four years before junking it.

My second car was a Subaru station-wagon. I had it for 4 months in 2005 or maybe it was 2006 – I cant quite remember. I parked it on the side of the road and it got written off by a kid driving a rented vehicle. The whole saga is in my old blog somewhere. I loved the Subaru. I drove it to my first Vipassana, I drove it to Confest and back again, I drove it to a number of bush-doofs.

After nearly 8 weeks in Darwin, I’m getting sick of being stuck in the city all the time and thinking that another car would be great. The Dry is here and a trip to Kakadu and Katherine over the odd weekend now and then would be great. And there’s a Zen meditation group in an outer suburb during the weeknights. It’s an 85 Toyota Corolla hatchback and it seems to be going for a reasonable price.

I might buy it after Easter.

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