Sigg bottle liner problem

This could be because I bought the bottle in Kathmandu about 6 months ago and haven’t exactly been very good at cleaning it but I’ve found that the liner is chipping away around the threading of the lid. I didnt particularly care about that but this morning while drinking from it, i found a large piece of brown liner in my mouth. Looking into the bottle, I could see the clear aluminium patch from which it had come.

Now Sigg maintains that the liner is baked on and that it’s impossible for it to come off. Now this may be true given that Kathmandu is full of fake Sigg bottles but the one I bought had all of the Sigg material with it (all the printed stuff) and looks identical to all of the other Sigg bottles I’ve seen in Australia (ie cap has Sigg stamp, bottle has Sigg wording in the bottom).

So it’s either the fake producers have become adept at making exact duplicates or the Sigg liner is not quite what Sigg claims it to be. Anyway, I did a bit of research online and found that Klean Kanteen makes a stainless steel bottle which may well be worth looking at to see how much heavier it is – it doesnt have a liner and I like stainless steel anyway.

4 thoughts on “Sigg bottle liner problem

  1. I was thinking of getting one of those too but it’s too bloody expensive in the end… was cheaper just to get the Sigg bottles. Unless somebody is going to distribute the Klean Kanteens downunder =)

  2. my authentic sigg sent to me by sigg (after the recall of the BPA-containing bottles in october 2009) and the liner is chipping. if your liner is brown (burnt orange colored) then it is a BPA-containing liner. the new liners are light yellow. they are chipping though anyway. I am tired of sigg lying about having BPA free bottles and then making shitty ones after that

  3. I bought a new bpa free lined sigg, and the lining around the mouth came off on my finger when i was cleaning it out gently a couple of weeks after buying. Replacement one was already shredding in fine strands from friction of unscrewing the cap the third time i did so, took back to shop and insisted on refund. No problem with my old one but it’s enormous!

  4. I have the same problem with the new SIGG bottles! The liner coming off in the thread part of the bottle. My son just came home today with a long thread that came off. I am going to take picture of the liner and the mouth of the bottle and send it to SIGG.

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