Friday again

Well, it’s Friday again here in Darwin.

The wet season seems to be nearly over. I went for a walk along the Esplanade last evening for the first time since I arrived. I’d spent some time a few years ago living in a company provided apartment on the Esplanade and while beautiful, that area of town was full of memories and nostalgia.

I’d been avoiding it for that reason. Even though I am susceptible to it, I try not to indulge in nostalgia. It is a sweet drug but ultimately it stands in the way of experiencing the present.

But last night, the night air had lifted. The oppressive humidity and temperature of the last few weeks had nearly gone. No longer did it feel as if it was if it was about to storm. There was a lightness to the night that I’d not felt in a long time.

So I walked along the Esplanade and noticed that while a lot of new apartments had been built, the deep strip of nature that ran up to the cliffs of the Darwin bay was as tree covered and as lushly beautiful as ever. Every growing thing was a tropical vivid green, a green that the Victorian bush drought or not would never achieve.

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