Just finished watching the BBC TV mini-series Jekyll last night and I was actually quite impressed by the first three episodes. The final three went slowly but surely down hill.

Anyway, there’s a modern day Dr Jekyll running around trying to keep his Hyde under control. Thing is he’s also got a family and he’s trying to keep Hyde from finding out about his wife and kids. In the meantime, he’s hired a psych nurse to keep the relationship between himself and Hyde running as smooth as possible while he secretly tries to find a cure. But even though Hyde might be psychotic, he’s not stupid either.

That’s the first three episodes anyway and it really works. James Nesbitt’s Hyde has flat button black eyes and a face that goes from an eerie doll-like stillness to gleeful evil without any transition whatsoever. This Hyde is more like the Joker than the Hulk (or Alan Moore’s Hyde for that matter).

Plus there are some good sequences where Hyde gets to pound into the assorted thug just so that the audience knows he’s mean. For some reason, Hyde never actually sinks the boot into anyone who doesnt deserve it – he’s not running down the street raping grandmothers and eating puppies – nope it’s always violent thugs.

In the next three episodes, the plot changes into a strange combination of super-hero and X-files and does while there are moments of energy, it doesnt work on the whole mainly because Hyde loses his menace and hence all danger just sort of seeps out of the series.

A pity really. Alan Moore’s Hyde is a good example of how Hyde, even though he gets redeemed somewhat, becomes ever more frightening as the series progresses.

But then, it’s not like the BBC could ever show that version of Hyde on TV.

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