Storms over Darwin

Something about living so high over the town makes it easy to spend most of my time in the apartment. Or at least that’s what I tell myself as I sit on my bed looking out the window. The sun had set spectacularly earlier before I’d gone to the gym (on the 6th floor) and as I ate dinner a little later, a storm had blown in and filled the skies with sheets of rain and lightning.

Watching the rain flood the streets and the trees bend double in the wind, I felt impossibly insulated and slightly smug even as a small childish part of me wondered if the building could blow over. All the while, I’m attached to the internet via Telstra’s wireless modem offering (which seems to work quite nicely), listening to The Band although a bit earlier, I’d been listening to one of Starsailor’s latest albums and before that while pounding along on the running machine, Mista Savona.

Is this modern living? If I got my grocery shopping home-delivered after making my purchases through the net, it could come close but only, I suspected, if I opened up a Second Life avatar.

Thing is, it’s really comfortable. Although, if I found a bar in the city that wasnt full of men with thick necks or terribly young backpackers, I’d probably spend a bit more time on the ground when I’m not at work.

And yeah, I know about the Happyyess Bar – I’ve walked by a couple of times and realised I’m not up for sitting on the floor in what looks like a breakfast bucket bonger’s living room. Sure the customers looked more like my kind of people but I prefer my sterile airconditioned room with a view.

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