The Time Traveller’s Wife and why it is not sci-fi but emo crap

I seem to be writing a series of reviews at the moment.

I loved the first 2/3 of the book but started to get progressively more frustrated with it as the final third went on with the final few pages leaving me frustrated and finally concluding that the book could never be classified as science fiction mainly because clever as it is in its own way, it is utterly stupid where the much explored country of time travel is – at least in sci-fi genre fiction.

The whole point of the novel, which is hammered into the reader and its main characters is that time cant be change once it has happened. A character cannot interfere with his own past. Paradoxes are not allowed, never mind that there are several closed time loop situations in the book.

ie: he wouldnt have know if his future self hadnt told him and his future self wouldnt have told him if he wasnt told in the past. That sort of stuff. Or the character could go to the future, get lottery numbers and then win it – never mind that such an act could potentially have changed the future.

Anyway, spoilers beyond:

The main guy basically finds out the time and place of his death (which takes place in the past while he is travelling there). In the meantime, he gets to go back to the time prior to his death and gets to mingle with his unwitting murderers before they kill him.

So what does he do?

Nothing. He moans and groans about how the future cannot be changed because it has already happened in his past time line.

Emo crap I say.

If in the novel he attempts to kill is would be murderers by shooting them first and having the bullet disappear or something then I’d accept that he’s tried his best. Or even if he cant kill them, he would effectively be unkillable until his scheduled death – which means he could do really cool things like attempt to break the laws of physics by jumping in front of trains etc.

But no, he does nothing at all, he just sits around and tries to live the remainder of his days as well as he can with his girlfriend that he started seeing when he was 38 and she was 6. (which is frankly creepy and is only kinda not so creepy because it’s written by a woman)

Anyway, the sitting on your ass thing is good enough for a philosophy where you dont know the future but complete emo crap where sci-fi pushing the boundaries is concerned.

I mean, I would even settle with the main character offing himself before his scheduled demise just to tell the universe it can go fuck itself . And if that inadvertantly leads to his scheduled death then at least the irony would be somewhat chuckle inducing.

But no, there’s just this emo fatalism.

Maybe that’s why the movie has been delayed 3 years.

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