The Watchmen

I felt a bit bad writing a review about the nothing movie “Twilight” when I
havent said anything about the Watchmen especially now that knifes have been drawn over its failure to make 100 million in its opening weekend (scoring a measly 55 million instead).

Anyway, I thought it was fantastic. Sure the action sequences could have been shortened considerably, the slo-mo stuff was frankly stupid and the ultra gory violence was adolescent and lacked class.

But it was as if all of Snyder had decided to put all of the crap into the action sequences alone (maybe playing those bits to the money men) leaving the rest of the movie to shine.

And boy did it shine. I’ll just focus on one small aspect of this shininess as an example of how good the good bits are.

I never thought that Rorschach or Dr Manhattan’s voices could have been so vividly brought to life. Their voices were pitch perfect. In the graphic novel, not only are Rorschach’s speech patterns short and abrupt, his speech-balloons are likewise shattered. Dr Manhattan’s speech-balloons are likewise different – his are as blue and luminiscent as his altered body.

The movie somehow got both their voices exactly like how they looked on the page. This is something that’s never happened in all of the comic book movie adaptations I’ve seen. Batman never sounded right – didnt matter who played him.

As for the famous squidless ending, let me just say that I thought it worked. I wouldnt say it worked better than the squid – I loved the panels of bodies that finally ended in the absurd monstrosity of the squid. But this ending didnt suck.

I’ll be watching the movie again anyway – if only for Rorschach and the eye-popping opening sequence.

2 thoughts on “The Watchmen

  1. yeah i tried to catch this movie last weekend but it was sold out everywhere, I hope I have better luck this weekend. Great post, you made me anticipate it even more!

  2. i saw it and it made me sad. it just didn’t live up to it for me. the story didn’t come to life well enough for me, and sometimes it just seemed a bit stupid. i just wanted it to be darker, more vivid, so that you could forget some of the overtop elements of the story which just seemed ridiculous on the screen but were legitimate points of angst on the page.

    it needed something more.

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