So I saw Twilight on the flight up from Melbourne to Darwin. A friend of mine who almost always finishes books was ranting about how much she disliked the novel and had to finally put it down a third of the way through.

Normally I wouldnt have bothered watching the movie (even if it was on the plane) but her reaction piqued my curiousity and so, in between reading a book during the slow bits, I watched Twilight.

The thing I really dont understand about Twilight is why a vampire male in his early hundreds would fall in love with a teenage girl who is so extremely young and has hardly any interesting traits whatsoever as Bella. I mean, I’m only in my late 30s but the character of Bella, pretty as she is, is a baby.

She whinges and moans, she has zero self-confidence, she exudes co-dependence and her so-called love for Edward comes across like spooky stalky obsessive behaviour.

Compare and contrast with Angel and Buffy. Angel is a whingey self-obsessed emo vampire with a soul, Buffy is a kick-ass vampire killer who isnt afraid to make hard choices (including slaying his ass to save the world).

Now that was a romantic relationship.

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