Melbourne in a flash

The week in Melbourne passed quickly. I didnt get as much work done as I wanted to but that was to be expected. Working from home is never that easy. Still, work got done and more importantly, I got to reconnect with Melbourne again.

The three weeks in Darwin had stripped my life so bare that during the first couple of days back in Melbourne, I’d found myself at times thinking wistfully of my quiet existence in Darwin and missing my empty white room high over the town.

But it didnt take long for me to be busy again in Melbourne. There was the Ceres reggae festival to go to, the Sydney road street festival the next day and then assorted bands, a Bohemian Masquerade Ball in Thornbury (which had the usual collection of northside ferals – prettified up quite substantially but with a truly unlistenable collection of bands) and friends to catch-up with for the rest of the week.

And now, back in Darwin again.

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