Settling in

Nearly two weeks into Melbourne and I have a shared house to move into in Northcote and am hoping that I’ll get a 3 month job that I’ve applied and been interviewed for in St Kilda road. I’ve seen a lot of my friends although there are many more still to catchup with and I’ve found that I’ve missed them more than I thought but that it hasnt been that long really. So getting comfortable in Melbourne hasnt been that difficult. Actually, it has been very easy.

Knowing that I’m very likely moving to Perth in 3 months time however has given all my activities here a transient feel and this has been both good and bad. Good because there’s little risk i’ll get stuck in a rut here, bad because I cant quite seem to arrive. But maybe that’s part and parcel of the good. Maybe this not being able to arrive feeling is because I cant arrive back into the life I remember.

Plus there’s still the more pressing question of what I want to do career-wise. I’ve accepted a 6 month contract from February to July and if this 3 month job comes up, I’m set from Nov-July. They’ll both be well paid and kinda interesting but that’s about it. I’ve been avoiding the question or it hasnt come up that much while i was travelling but now, it’s become more pressing again. What do I want to do really?

There are a few options that I’ve been running through but they dont feel particularly real.

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