Koh Phangan Dance Parties

Even if I havent actually been to that many trance parties, I know that a good trance party does not have packs of drunken men passing out in the sand at 11pm or for that matter throwing up at the bar, stumbling around manhandling every woman too drunk to avoid their groping hands.

While on Koh Phangan I went to the Half-moon Party, the Full-moon Party and a random and very unfortunate Cross Dressing Pool Party at the Coral Bungalows. These were full of drunk yobboes looking to get wasted and get laid. These are the kind of people who buy too many fluoro toys (including those ridiculous blinking devil horns), cant actually dance except to top-of-the-chart hits and properly belong in sports bars that do laybacks.

As for the music – it was mainly trance and more trance (except for the happy house stuff that a couple of stages was pumping out). Every now and then, some electro flavoured trance crept in or some techno flavoured trance but on the whole, it was generic and after a couple of hours, very boring.

In short, they were all crap parties – hardly worthy of the name.

There was one shiny exception though and that was the Pirate Cove Party. It had 50 or so people was the best of the lot by a long way – smiling people, good music, hardly any drunkeness, friendly vibe. So I did have a good night out. But I cant see myself going back to Koh Pangan – not for the parties at any rate.

2 thoughts on “Koh Phangan Dance Parties

  1. yeah, well said, I went to Phangan for holidays for 6 yrs running, went to 2 ‘parties’ in that time. Now, I have lived there for 3 yrs and not even blinked at the ‘parties’. I Love phangan, it is an amazing peaceful place but I am so scared of it being branded ‘the new ibiza’ with drunken british tourists pissing everywhere and generally bringing shame against the western world.

    If you want somewhere peacefull and chilled then Phangan is great, otherwise Samui (or Ibiza) should do them fine.

    ALL the parties are a rip-off these days, the half moon and black moon are pay-per-entry gigs, usually with shitty DJ’s that wouldnt clean the toilets in any UK clubs, the full moon party is still OK if you can find a bar that is playing the tunes you like, otherwise a bottle of Jack Daniels and an ipod will suffice.

    Koh Phangan is a wonderful tropical paradise, please keep it that way.

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