No longer burnt out

Last dawn at Koh Pangan

Originally uploaded by jonckher

The stint of solo travel in Thailand / Cambodia has refreshed me somewhat partly because it has been solo, partly because it has been in Thailand / Cambodia. In the last month, I’ve been talking to locals (and enjoying it), trying to make my own way without the aid of travel agents, riding dodgy motorbikes and making friends with other travelers.

In the meantime, I’ve managed to relax a lot.

While Cambodia was far from stress-free, Koh Phangan was a dream of sitting in the hammock of my divine beach-side bungalow (which leaked and had bats or some animal that pooped on my mosquito net), visiting different beaches, hanging out with an assortment of people, meditating, doing yoga and going to various trance parties on the island (which I may write about next time i get a chance). I can understand why people spend so much time in the Thai islands and why a traveler I met in Cambodia spent 2 months there and raved about it enough that I decided to go.

Anyway, the end result is that I want to travel more, something I’d thought impossible a month ago. The coming year or so in Australia is essential but I am glad that I am returning with the desire to leave again and not the heavy feeling of defeat and emptiness that was mounting so heavily on me while I was in Nepal and the UAE.

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