Out and about in Phnom Penh

The best thing about the Silver Pagoda in Phnom Penh is the exhibit of local Khmer costumes. The photo is only one of many such gems that can be found there. However, even with that, I wouldnt bother going. The price has gone up to around USD$6 which is frankly a complete ripoff considering what you get. The only other thing that could have been worth looking at in the Silver Pagoda compound were the murals but they were in such poor condition that after a few meters, I found it too disheartening and gave up.

The National Museum on the other hand was fantastic. There were some amazing pieces there and seeing as there are very few surviving statues in Angkor, seeing them in the museum was illuminating and shed more light into the function of the temples and how they would have been used in their time. I’d skipped the Angkor Museum in Siem Riep because it cost USD$12. This one was USD$3 and worth every penny.

However, in spite of the National Museum and a great little night-club, my opinion of the town hasnt changed.

Mind, the night-club called “The Heart of Darkness” was really interesting. It had a really varied crowd of local Khmer rich kids, dodgy expats, African men, a small group of local gay Khmers and a smattering of backpackers. There was a bit of an edge to it, as if the fun-fun-fun atmosphere could change at anytime and get someone stabbed.

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