Cycling around Angkor

It’s not cheap to be a tourist in Angkor. US$40 for 3 consecutive days. In fact, it seems that pretty much everything in Siem Riep is expensive. Generations of tourists have upped the prices until they are almost at western levels. Not so accomodation fortunately.

Anyway, I hired a cheap bike and cycled out early this morning so that i could have as much cool time as possible. Angkor is huge and with so many different temples spread out over such a large area, it’s impossible to see them all in one day on bicycle or in a car. I probably cycled around 27 km today and only made it to a couple of the major ones, a couple of the minor ones and was templed out by 3.30pm. Seeing as I started 5:30am, it wasnt so bad but I hadnt even made it to Angkor yet.

There are some photos in flickr. They dont do justice to the place or in fact convey how much of a theme park it is but the early morning was great – no one around.

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