Burnt out (part 3)

In retrospect, significantly enlarging the carbon footprint of my travels by going to Dubai was a mistake. But then I did learn something from it. Whether this lesson was worth hastening the apocalypse is debatable.

I ended up staying in Dubai for just over a week. I’m writing this entry late at night in an internet cafe near Khao San road in Bangkok. The internet cafe has incredible flat screens, air-conditioning and new desktops. As opposed to much of India and Nepal which mostly had crap equipment or Dubai, which seems to lack internet cafes entirely but has lots of free wifi.

Anyway, I really didnt want to work in Dubai.

I didnt even want to give the place a chance to grow on me. I took one look at the gleaming towers, the gleaming shops, the gleaming people, the extravagant highways, the endless apartment blocks surrounded by desert and my heart sank even lower than when I was trapped standing in a local Indian bus with a bloke drooling on my shoulder or for that matter when I realised that I was going to have to sit in the rear of the small no-suspension minibus for 20 hours over pot-holed riddled Himalayan high passes.

I knew that I was going to hate the place worse than the nasty parts of India (cf this rant).

I couldnt keep traveling either. I could have pushed another 4-6 months in Africa but I would have negative dollars. Besides, I didnt want to do anything difficult anymore. I didnt want to adjust to a new third world country. Nepal was nearly a complete write-off of watching DVDs and it would be an even greater waste of carbon (and money) for me to cruise through Africa wondering when a new superhero movie is going to be released and if I could get a pirate cut of it.

So here I am in safe comfortable Thailand where I’m going to spend a little quality solo time on a beach before heading to KL where I intend to visit my dad, sis and gran before hitting Singapore where a plane will take me to Melbourne. I expect to arrive mid-October and stay long enough to visit a few lot of people, sort out my house and apply for jobs in Perth where SG will be joining me.

So, no, I’m not really coming home yet but at least it’s in Australia (barely). And come hell or high water, I’m going to be at next year’s Rainbow Serpent.

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