Kathmandu’s sex industy

Yet another ‘good’ thing about India is that as far as western / foreign tourists go, the sex industry is so underground that I couldnt see any of it. Not that I tried to look for it of course. But then, I never did get further south than New Delhi.

Unfortunately, the same cant be said about Kathmandu.

The number of ‘bar with dance’ places in Thamel seem to outnumber camping equipment shops. ‘Bar with dance’ seems innocous enough but many also have ‘shower dance’ advertised as well. And walking around last night, it was pretty obvious what those places sell. I havent felt that sort of seedy vibe in quite awhile.

Anyway I did a google search and found an article from the Economist verifying this.

Add the fact that it’s impossible for me to walk down the street without being offered hash or opium and the atmosphere happening here isnt what you see in the tourist brochures. At least they havent got to the stage where touts accost you with photo-albums of sex-workers ala parts of Bangkok circa 2000.

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