Nepal tourist visa changes

Seems there’s been a policy change to Nepal tourist visa requirements and costs – effective from mid-July 2008 sometime. A pain as many of the google sites for “nepal tourist visa” show old and outdated information.

When we arrived in Sunauli, we were told that we only had a choice of 3 visas – a 15 day visa for US$25, a 30 day visa for US$40 or 90 days for US$100. All these visas are multiple re-entry visas. We’d been operating on the assumption that we could get a 60 day visa for US$30 but that wasnt on offer at all. They also needed a passport photo (but that was no problem as we carry spare passport photos with us).

We managed to scrap together US$80 and got our 30 day visa only to discover that it was one day short of our flight out of Kathmandu. Poor planning on our part but there was little choice about it. Fortunately, we discovered that our flights could be changed without any extra cost so we’re now leaving a day earlier from Kathmandu – 8th September.

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