Plug: A great guesthouse in Leh

This is a shameless plug for the place we stayed in for 3 weeks in Leh. It’s called the Mona Lisa Guesthouse (email for bookings or call india mobile nbr 9419177768)  in Leh and it’s a small 5 room guesthouse run by an extremely lovely family. Located between Leh town and Changspa (just walk up Changspa road and you’ll see signs to it), it’s not only really convenient for both places but because it’s tucked away from the main street and located amongst fields, it’s as quiet as any of those located far up in the hills.

While the rooms are great and have views of the mountains, the thing that made the place stand out for us was the garden. I havent seen a nicer garden in a long time. It combines an extremely diverse organic vegie garden with fruit trees, shade trees and flower beds. In summer, Leh can get hot in the afternoon and there’s nothing better to do than sit in the garden swinging from the hammock and catching the breezes.

Anyway, three double rooms have attached hot-water bathrooms and the two double rooms in the family house share a bathroom. And you wont find this place in the Lonely Planet either (yet) which is good because it’ll be impossible to get a room there otherwise.

One thought on “Plug: A great guesthouse in Leh

  1. Hy there,

    I am going to Ladakh in july and am looking for a place to stay, this guesthouse looks really nice with it’s garden and quiet.

    Do you happen to have any pictures of the guesthouse or the area online?

    Greetings … Alexander

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