3 weeks, 3 months and 6 months

It’s been 3 weeks since i’ve written in here, maybe a bit more and the time in Leh (with a little bit in Manali) went by very quickly. I’m writing this in Delhi and it’s been 3 months since I’ve been in this town. Back then it was dry and hot. It is now hot and humid. The monsoon has come driving the tourists away and many of the shops here in Paharganj appear to be closed for the rainy season.

It’s also been nearly 6 months since I arrived in Kolkata and my visa is due to run out in 3 days time. SG and I are going to jump on a train tomorrow evening to Gorakpur, take a bus to the Nepal border and cross across hopefully on the 10th August.

I was looking at the India Lonely Planet last night and noting how little of India I’ve actually seen and how much there is left especially in the south that I do want to visit and to travel through.

So far, my time in Leh and Ladakh has been the highlight of my trip to India even if McLeod Ganj comes a very close second. In spite of the 3500 meter altitude and the initial difficulty in adjusting to it, in spite of the masses of poorly thought out development, Ladakh with its clear clear skies, its thin cold air, its amazingly bright stars at night, its landscape of contrasting desert, terraced organic gardens and ancient mudbrick and masonry buddhist temples looming over villages resonated with me in a way that the rest of India has not.

But I hope to return anyway to India to see the south, to visit the Ajanta caves and to swim in the beaches of Goa.

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