Buying online plane tickets in india

Doesnt seem to be all that easy. But then I guess nothing is that easy in India.

The cheapest fare we could find online was in Actually, I have no problem with their service – they are helpful, the website is slick, the service staff are very responsive – but they just couldnt do what i wanted. No doubt because they were hamstrung by government regulations and/or the airline they have to deal with (in this case Air Sahara was the passport scan requiring / paper ticket issuing culprit).

I bought a Kathmandu – Dubai ticket online and received a confirmation email that it was being processed. The next day, I got a call saying that one of the legs from Kathmandu to Delhi only issued paper tickets and that they needed a scan of my passport. In this day and age!! I explained that I was a traveler and this was impossible. They said I could pick it up in Delhi. I said I was happy to present my passport when i picked up the tickets, they said they needed a scanned copy.

In the end, I decided to cancel my booking with them. They graciously offered a full refund.

Really, I’m just not happy with giving anyone a scanned electronic copy of my passport and i could just see how picking up tickets could turn into a disaster. We finally found another online ticketing site based in the US that didnt need any of those things. It cost an additional 1500 rupee each but the lowered risk made it worth it. I havent received definite confirmation yet but hopefully that’ll be no problem.

I only hope that my refund comes through.

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