Lunar Park – Brett Easton Ellis

I found a reasonably nice copy of Brett Easton Ellis’s Lunar Park in a second hand bookshop in McLeod Ganj and devoured it in a couple of days. I read Less Than Zero nearly twenty years ago when i was in university or maybe high-school (I forget) and wasnt terribly impressed then. I didnt have a lot of patience for sexually ambiguous, self-centered, drug-addled and terribly lost hedonistic youth back then. When American Psycho was released to much controversy, I stayed away from it. I figured there was no point spending hard earned cash on much more of the same-ish.

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Buying online plane tickets in india

Doesnt seem to be all that easy. But then I guess nothing is that easy in India.

The cheapest fare we could find online was in Actually, I have no problem with their service – they are helpful, the website is slick, the service staff are very responsive – but they just couldnt do what i wanted. No doubt because they were hamstrung by government regulations and/or the airline they have to deal with (in this case Air Sahara was the passport scan requiring / paper ticket issuing culprit).

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